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FITPLAK ® is the first transportable professional fitness mat for the physical preparation and the health.

FITPLAK.com is the website of information dedicated to the use of the equipment and the accessories.

The feature of Fitplak allows a number and exercises combination never equalled for a single device. Developed by certified fitness trainers for personal training, handicap sport and rehabilitation. The fitplak can be used anywhere by anyone.

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FITPLAK it’s :

  1. -+ de 100 exercises

  2. -Infinite regulations and positions!

  3. -An accessibility for all users


  1. -Pilates

  2. -Physical Fitness

  3. -Bodybuilding

  4. -Handicap Fitness

  5. -Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

  6. -Functional Training

  7. -Strength and Conditioning

  8. -Training


They use already the FITPLAK !

Welcome to FITPLAK.com

Presentation to download in pdf, here !
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